We apologise in advance for the lengthy information here!  Increasingly complex data protection regulations requires us to be as painfully long-winded as this.

Certain information may be gathered concerning your usage of this site, including (but not limited to) your IP address, your machine's operating system, your browser type and version, and so forth. These items are routinely supplied by your browser as part of the normal process of requesting Web pages.

By using this site, you consent to this information being gathered. We use it to generate statistics on site visits, and for security purposes. We may use web analysis partners (at present, only Google Analytics) to process this information.  In that process, the information can and probably will be transmitted outside of the jurisdictions of UK or European data processing laws.

Other than as given above, we will not normally disclose it to any third parties (other than our Internet Service Providers, who gather it for us) unless investigating or assisting an investigation into a security breach, or where legally required to do so, and then only to the extent necessary to comply with the legal process involved.

You may find that we store "cookies" on your machine. These are small pieces of data, usually little more than random numbers, that help us recognise if you have visited us before.  Normally, they contain no personally-identifying information.  There are two exceptions to this.  If you are an authorised editor of this site (you'll know if you are), we will use cookies to hold login information so that you don't continually have to log in again to edit pages. Only if you are an authorised editor do these cookies contain personally-identifying information, limited to your login name and related authentication tokens.  Secondly, if we introduce "shopping basket" functionality at any point, we will need to be able to identify you and your machine, so that "basket" contents aren't lost every time you click on a new link, and so that there is minimal risk of a "man in the middle" attack intercepting or subverting your shopping transaction.

Our analytics partners may also store cookies, and these cookies may be used to analyse your uses of other web sites too.  Normally, there is nothing personally identifiable about analytics cookies - however, if you are a user of Google's services such as GMail, the cookie may be associated with your Google login information.  We do not have access to any personally-identifying information that may be held by Google: all we will know is that Google has noticed that the same user - without identifying that user in any meaningful way - has visited several pages on our site.

For any visitor other than authorised editors, or shoppers, no personally-identifying information is gathered by us unless you send us an email using one of the Web forms, in which case the information gathered is the data you have deliberately sent us in that form. Unless you have requested us not to do so, we may use this information for our own marketing purposes.

Pursuant to the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) (Amendment) Regulations 2011 (UK Regulations), by not configuring your browser to reject our and our analytics partners' cookies and by your continuing use of this site, you consent to us storing them.  Other than in connection with user login or shopping "basket" management - for which cookies' acceptance is required in order for these facilities to work - there is no necessity for you to store cookies served from our or our analytics partners' web sites, and you should not observe any degradation in this site's performance if you choose to block them.

We do not sell or knowingly provide our personally-identifying information to any third parties for marketing purposes. In the highly unlikely event that this policy ever changes, it will be published on this page.

We do not knowingly permit the use of third-party advertising, tracking or other privacy-infringing tools on this Web site other than (as noted above) for web analytics. Neither do we attempt to hack our visitors' machines, nor use JavaScript or Java (or similar) tools in an annoying or invasive way. If you find evidence of any such devices in our pages, please go to our contacts page and let us know as soon as possible: it probably indicates a security issue, and we want to know about it. Or mail security @ this domain name, if the contents of that page look hacked. And thank you for helping.

Although sometimes the information gathered at this site may be held on computers outside the EC, and therefore beyond the remit of the European Data Processing directives and UK Data Protection Acts, we do not use this as an excuse to abuse the information; we seek to act at all times within the word and the spirit of European and UK Data Protection legislation.

If you receive unsolicited commercial email (spam) apparently from this domain that promotes anything other than Adeptium Consulting Limited, please understand that it did not come from us, and we did not knowingly provide your email details to any third party for that purpose. Spammers can easily forge email addresses in the headers of their mails, and sometimes they fake their messages to appear to originate from addresses under our domains.

Where we do send mail to promote Adeptium, it will be extremely selective, to a very small selection of recipients that we have individually identified, and in an ethically and commercially responsible fashion. We understand that no-one wants to hire a spammer, and that spam is intensely annoying. If you ever do receive unwanted promotional material from (and about) us, please reply, or use the form on the Contacts page to notify us that you don't want to receive any more.  Alternatively, if the messages contain "unsubscribe" links, and if you are certain that the link will direct you to our own site (and not a lookalike), you may use that link.

All of which is a very long-winded way of saying (with apologies to Google): We don't do evil. And that's policy.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please ask them using the email address listed on our contacts page.