We're proud supporters of an excellent cause:  Kiva, a Registered Charity, offers microloans to people around the world, to help with needs as diverse as buying in shop stock, meeting school fees, boosting agriculture and home improvements. Read on to find out how Kiva works, and about a special offer to let you lend for free! takes no profits, although the local finance institutions ("Field Partners") that administer the loans (under Kiva supervision) often do charge interest.  For most of their recipients, there are only two routes to loan finance: microloans or the local loan sharks - the regular banks simply aren't interested in serving such small-scale clientele. Very often, microloan recipients are groups whose members hold each other responsible for fulfilling repayments.


Lenders (that's you and me) have access to lots of information on both the recipients and the Field Partners.  The Field Partner figures detail how much profit they make, whether they charge interest and if so what their profitability is, and risk information such as delinquency rate.

We feel that it's our responsibility, as entrepreneurs in a relatively well-off area of the world, to help support others who're still at an early stage.  Not by hand-outs, because all too often these are swallowed by corrupt practices, and rarely address long-term needs, but instead by helping people take personal responsibility to help themselves and their communities.

For a limited period, until the sponsor's contributions are exhausted, Kiva's offering new lenders a very special deal: sign up, and an anonymous sponsor will credit your Kiva account with US$25 to lend immediately, at no cost to you!  When that free loan's repaid by its recipient, you can re-lend it, but can't withdraw it, so it just keeps doing good.  To take up the deal, follow this link now!  It's an affiliate link but, as far as we're aware, the only benefits to us are a bump in our "introducer" stats, and a feel-good moment.

Kiva's fun, does good, and creates a link with communities worldwide.  Please join us in supporting their work!