Hello there!

Our Elves (borrowed from Santa) are busily redesigning our striking new web presence, due to launch early in the New Year. Don’t worry, we’ll give them time off over the Christmas season.

Technical Services

Need any help with your embedded devices, Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets, AWS cloud architecture or general software development? That’s us all over! Drop us a line or call us and let’s talk.

Business Services

Does your company need an interim Technical Director / CTO / CIO / VP of Engineering or even (for startups and SMEs) CEO? We’re here to help, on a portfolio or full-time basis.

Investor Support

Are you an investor, needing technical Due Diligence on an investment target? With 35 years of business experience in the highest technology industries, we’ll do your deep dive for you, and surface with all you need to know about the prospects for your prospect.

Perhaps you need a nominee to help shape your prospect for investment – or a Non-Executive Director, to represent you on their Board and protect your equity? Contact us and we’ll be on it.

Contacting us

Our number is +44 (0)870 321 5740. Or you can drop us an email at enquiries@adeptium.com. We’re here to help.

If you’re an offshore services provider, please read this first.

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